We are pleased to announce the availability of Genomedata 1.5.0!

This release addresses loading in sequence data where chromosome names do not have a UCSC-style name. In these cases, we have added the ability to give a tab-delimited file with a commented header (denoted with '#') to map between naming styles. This is the format used by NCBI and their assembly reports. Here is an example of an assembly report for hg38 from NCBI. You may choose what chromosome naming style you wish based on the given tab-delimited files. By default, chromosome names will attempt to map to UCSC-style names when given a tab-delimited file.

Genomedata is available on Bioconda. With Bioconda installed, to install Genomedata run 'conda install genomedata'. Genomedata can still be installed through older methods using "pip", see the Installation instructions for details.

Here is a full list of changes made since the last announcement here:


Bug Fixes:

Known Bugs
To see all known bugs head to the issue tracker

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