Please come to Netoric's Tuesday Cafe Discussion
                              June 13, 1995
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                Using the World-Wide Web in Our Classes:
              Moving beyond the Glitz to Issues and Goals

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      As use of the World-Wide Web grows, its potential for use in
      education grows, too.  It's new, exciting, and, simply put,
      glitzy.  As recurring threads on various lists comment on this
      potential, however, critical discussions have begun about our
      goals for using the Web in our classes, precautions or guide-
      lines for such work, and integration of Web work with other
      elements of our classes.  Now is the time for thoughtful
      consideration about how best to use this rapidly-growing

      Bring your ideas and concerns, successes and failures,
      questions, caveats, and prognostications this Tuesday so we can
      chat about where we are now and where we can go with teaching
      with the Web.  Spiders and skeptics alike are welcome!

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