Hi Everyone!

Here we are in our eleventh day of our strike.  Today's news is that we can
be "cautiously optimistic."  Our negotiation team is back at the table and we
have a "professional mediator" coming in Monday.  (What does it say about the
state of our world that one can claim mediating as a profession????)  I am
the only Inkshedder who is a union member. (Roy, are you still a member of
Inkshed??  Roy Graham is on Site 3 with me every weekday morning).  On the
picket line this morning (plus 3 celcius and not raining very hard--just hard
enough to need to cover the signs with plastic bags) we were joined by reps
from faculty associations at Lakehead, Trent, Mount St. Vincent, and
Memorial.  All in all there are 17 other associations from across canada
supporting us. It's great to have that support.

and as I walk the picket line I too am thinking NO; my Canada includes Quebec
and my spirit is with my Quebec colleagues...

I am using my email from home and it is very slow--took me days just to get
an opportunity to log in--so i'll sign off for now.

A bientot,

Pat Sadowy