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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 11:34:42 -0600
From: Cynthia Haynes <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: INVITATION to C-FEST at Lingua MOO

Sorry for the cross-postings...

                        *** Lingua MOO 1996 C-FEST ***

What is a C-Fest?  It's a series of online colloquia devoted to topics of
interest developed from discussions on PTissues and Rhetnet email lists.
In the past week, both lists have been discussing the issue of conference
presentations, specifically the trend at CCCC toward larger forums,
roundtables, and fewer formal paper persentations. This first C-fest will
address the issues of extemporaneous talks, the impact of technology on
attention spans, the ethics of giving 2-5 minute talks in the name of
including more presenters, getting lines on vitas, funding, etc.  We want
to hear what you think about this issue.  People are preparing their
presentations now for CCCC, Computers and Writing, and Rhetoric Society
of America, in addition to many regional Writing Center conferences and
poposals due for next year's MLA.

The Lingua MOO C-fest will occur beginning next Wednesday, February 7th,
at 8:00pm EST.  Several of those who have posted responses to this topic
on PTissues and Rhetnet are facilitating the discussions, and we still
need volunteers for some of the dates.  All YOU have to do is show up and
enter the discussions.  Tell us what you think.  How should our field
respond to this trend in our conferences?  What would you like to tell
the conference organizers?  Now is your chance.  Each C-fest will be
recorded and archived at Lingua MOO and at the PRE/TEXT Conversation and
Rhetnet websites.

Here's how you can join in these important debates:

Dates to attend:
Wed -- 2/7 -- 8pm EST (Facilitators: Michael Salvo, Cynthia Haynes)
Mon -- 2/19 -- 8pm EST (Todd Taylor)
Tue -- 2/27 -- 8pm EST (Joan Richmond)
Wed -- 3/6 -- 8pm EST
Thu -- 3/14 -- 8pm EST

As you can see, we chose to rotate days of the week to enable as many as
possible to attend at least once.  We also need more volunteers to act as
faciliators to get the discussions going.  If you cannot attend, the logs
of each session will be available in the room where we meet.  You may
register your email with us at Lingua MOO if you aren't already a player,
and then mail yourself the log to read later, or you can read it there
anytime you log on.  Guests may register their email by typing @email
your-address, then both registered users and guests may type MAILME
<number> to have a log of a C-fest session e-mailed to themselves.

Here's how to get to Lingua MOO:

1.  Telnet to: 8888
2.  Log on as a guest if you do not have a character at Lingua.
        (at Lingua welcome screen type: connect guest firstname)
3.  Type 'walk to Colloquium' to get to the seminar room.
4.  Read the instructions in the room description about where to sit and how
    to talk.  There are 3 tables to sit at, and a head table for the
    facilitators.  You may talk at your table and only those at the table
    may hear you, or if you wish to address the entire group, type SU (for
    'speak up') and your text.
5.  To quit the MOO, type @quit.

If you want to volunteer to help faciliate discussion on any of these
dates, please email me at [log in to unmask]  I will send brief
notices about the next meeting each week, so please save this for future
reference.  We hope you can join us, and don't worry if you've never
MOOed, it's easy!  Log on in advance and practice anytime.  We have help
tutorials in the Help Kiosk off the main Courtyard where you land when
you log on.

See you on February 7th!

Cynthia Haynes
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