I just read Marcy's message about next year, and I'll reply to it later,
but she did give me the push I needed to broach the topic of next year's
conference. As those of you present at the Canadian caucus last week
know, I am organizing the CCCC97 Canadian Caucus sponsored session/panel.
We decided to use this list to discuss possible ideas for this session,
and I'd like to get that discussion started. Here's a sample timeline:
April 1 to April 8: kick around ideas
April 8 to April 15: draft proposals
April 15 to April 18: synthesize into CCCC format

If you're interested in speaking on this panel, reply to CASSL and let's
try on some ideas. This past year's session was very successful with
seven speakers and a roundtable format (short talks plus discussion).

If you want to reply to me privately, I'm at [log in to unmask]

Heuristics anyone?

Roger Graves