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Subject: Reformation-era theatre

I am a Canadian playwright currently working on a play about the Anabaptist
Kingdom in the German city of Muenster in 1534-1535. The eventual King of
Muenster was the young actor and playwright, Jan Boeckelson van Leyden.
The brief Kingdom became a prime example of Reformation-era apocalypticism,
informed as it was by Boeckelson's Davidic and visionary leadership (learned
at least in part, through his earlier portrayals of King David in a
rhetorician's guild in Leyden).

I have been seeking some medieval theatre texts to incorporate into my play
and I was wondering if you could help me obtain some of the following:
   1) assorted monologues in the role of King David;
   2) any depictions of Judgement which, in whole or in part, involve two
      males, one of whom is ushered into Hell by the Devil.
   3) any other specifically heretical, Anabaptist, or apocalyptic theatre
      text, while not necessary, could be helpful.
For all of these, I would need them either in English or English-translation.
Any and all help that you could offer me would be appreciated.

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Thanking you in advance,
///Rob Bartel