[September 9 1996]

                     The Autumn 1996 issue (1.3) of

      _Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments_

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Contents of this issue include:



Lend Me Your Compass, Cap!  Towards Informed Linking
by Greg Siering
_Kairos_ Links Editor


The Ten Commandments of MOO Pedagogy
by Janet Cross and Kristian Fuglevik

Reviewing the Reviewer: A Response to Susan Lang
by Ron Burnett

COVERWEB: Electro-Pedagogies
Coordinated by Anthony Rue and Jane Love

     *Hypertextualizing Autobiography
      by Laura Sullivan

     *Being In Pictures
      by Michelle Glaros

     *Electronic Monumentality
      by Barry J. Mauer

     *Using MOOs as an Avenue of Critical Thought
       by Matthew McKinzie

     *Terrortories: The Uncharted Space of a Networked Writing Course
      by Rebecca Moss

     *Jazz and the Scene of Writing: 9 Variations on a Post-Theme
      by Michael A. Laffey


Surveying the Body Electric,
or How Voyeurism Transforms Audience and E-valuation
by Tim Krause, Purdue University

Rethinking the Academy: Problems and Possibilities of Teaching,
Scholarship, Authority, and Power in Electronic Environments
by Keith Dorwick, University of Illinois-Chicago

Hyped-Up for Friends:
Cultural Studies and Web Research in Composition
by Michelle Sidler, Purdue University


_Kairos_ InterMOO: Joseph Unger
conducted by Corey Wick and Douglas Eyman

Mapping New Rhetorical Spaces:
Building Bridges from Current to New Technologies
by Claudine Keenan, George Otte and Peter Sands

This Place Is Y/our Space; This Space is Y/our Place
by Jane Lasarenko, Dene Grigar, and Alan Rea

Calls For Participation


The E-List:
Resource Reviews For Teachers of Writing
coordinated by Sandra Thompson
and Camille Langston, Texas Woman's University

Michael Joyce's
Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics
Reviewed by Allan Heaps, Michigan Technological University

Beth Baldwin's
Conversations: Computer-Mediated Dialogue, Multilogue and Learning
Reviewed by Morgan Gresham and Mike Jackman, University of Louisville

Nick Carbone's and Eric Crump's
English Online: A Student's Guide to the Internet and World Wide Web
Reviewed by Ted Nellen, New York City's Murry Bergtraum High School

Software review by Nancy Tucker, University of Michigan-Flint

Autumn 1996
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