Because a couple of times recently spam has managed to get through
the filter the people at have set up, I've finally done what I
said I would do a month or more ago, and set CASLL to accept only
postings from members.

This probably won't matter at all, except in the (rare) case where
the local folks on your network have reorganized things so that your
address isn't _quite_ the same as it was when you originally signed
on.  If that's happened, you may find that when you post a message to
CASLL it says, hey, I don't know who you are, and sends it back.
Even the tiniest change in your address would mean that listserv
doesn't know who you are any more, and it could easily happen without
your having been aware of it.

If that happens, please contact me and forward the message and I'll
straighten things out, by correcting your address.

I hope this will mean that we won't get any more postings about chain
letters, and _won't_ mean that people have a hard time sending things
to CASLL.  I sure wouldn't want to miss any suggestions about things
rhyming with Selzer.

Selzer, Schmelzer: I'm stumped, Marcy.  I'll sure be surprised if
Patrick rises to that particular challenge . . .

                                   -- Russ
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