For a year now I've been wanting to see what revisions writing centre
clients actually make to their drafts, and I think I'll try, in some
small way, to find out this semester. But first I'd appreciate your input.

I would like to keep track of what tutor and student talk about on a
rough draft, then get a copy of the draft handed in, and compare the two
in light of what was taught/talked about in the conference. Incidentally,
I also plan to interview the writers and ask what influenced them in
their revisions.

Question: Is this worthwhile, or is it another instance of me pursuing
something of no interest to another being in the universe?

Question: What are some cutting edge articles on revision? (I know I can
do a more thorough lit review, but the first effort didn't turn up
anything that caught my fancy. I'd prefer and trust your recommendations.)

Question: Do you know of an appropriate categorization scheme for
revisions? (At the moment, I'm think in terms of Faigley and Witte's
"Analyzing Revision" from the mid-1980s.)

This request may even generate yet another interesting CASLL discussion.

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