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Many people who are registered for the convention have received the
program book by now, but for those who haven't, this online version may
prove useful. It may be more important, though, as a peek at the
convention for those of us who can't make the trip to Phoenix and as an
archival resource, an accessible record of the 1997 event.

Note: There are still some tweaks to be made to the online version. If you
see things that don't match what's in print or in any other way erroneous
or difficult to find or read, please write to [log in to unmask] and
suggest changes.

TWO NEW FEATURES (one done, one in process)

--> Interactive Personal Schedule

You know the "Individual CCCC Schedule" just inside the cover of the
program book every year? Just for fun, we created a web form that follows
the shape of that page. If you fill out the form on the web, you'll
receive a copy of your schedule via email. If your schedule changes, you
can fill out the form again--as often as you like!

--> HyperIndex

We've begun adding links from the Indexs (by topic and by participant
name) to the sessions listed. It's a bit time-consuming, but hopefully all
the links will work before the weekend is over.


--> Add presentation texts!

A number of people have added presentation texts in recent days, but the
collection is still not large enough (we hold out hope for comprehensive

For the hundreds (thousands) of our colleagues who cannot attend the
convention, this may be their only means of touching the field's Main
Event. The more of our work we add, the better resource it will be for
them (and for those who do attend and subsequently find need to refer

To add texts (papers, abstracts, outlines, etc.), go to:

Many computer systems should allow you to copy the text from your word
processor or text editor and past it right into the web form. Let us know
if you run into any difficulty ([log in to unmask]).

Please add your presentation materials!

--> CCCC Web Publishing Internship

We received 36 applications for four internship positions, a great
response in any case, but especially considering the unreasonably brief
time between the announcement and the deadline. Interns will be notified
by March 10.

--> Phoenix Info

There have been questions and answers recently on several lists about
local weather, transportation, lodging, shopping. Some of those notes were
forwarded to the CCCC announcement list
([log in to unmask]) and can be found in the web archive
for that list:

--> Discussion Forums

Several sessions and a number of general subjects can be discussed on
HyperNews Forums. See:

Anyone may request a forum at any time. Even when the convention is over,
we'll have plenty to talk about, including and most immediately: proposals
for next year's convention program. Last year we had a fine time using the
forum provided by March Bauman:

We have one available now for discussing ideas for next year's sessions:

--> Forum for P&T Stories and Statements

As part of the Computer Committee's work to develop guidelines (in
cooperation with NCTE's Instructional Technology Committee) for including
technology oriented teaching and scholarship in promotion and tenure
considerations, we've created a web page that will, we hope, provide a
different dimension than these projects usually obtain.

The web page:

includes a form that anyone can use to share ideas for or drafts of formal
position statements or stories about the relationship between academic
recognition and technology.

--> Online Proposal Submission

We're about two tweaks and a test away from having the online session
proposal form working (a must for those who tire of making and keeping
straight 7 print copies!). As soon as it's available, a link will be added
to the CCCC/97 Online homepage:

--Eric Crump
  On behalf of the CCCC Computer Committee