Ah, what goes around comes around, eh?

I remember my father choking on his dinner when he heard me, in the
Sixties, use the expression "I"m screwed" for "I'm in trouble." Now,
like you, Rick, I find that I'm not bothered by "fuck," "goddam" and
the like, but will not allow "bitch" (or any other sexist or racist
word) to be within my earshot.

I find the kids around here to be quite inventive. They make up their
own terms (or at least they think they're original). "Dirt"
(as in "he's a dirt") is one. So is "Bite me." So, while my son
has yet to tell me to "fuck off," he has countered with "Bite me"
on occasion. Your daughters must have coined a few phrases themselves
- or could.

Then again, I have a colleague (good at policing racist/sexist
language in his teaching) who, after many drinks, calls all
his feminist friends "c__ts" (See, I can't even write it - I find it
so offensive). This issue is not exclusive to teenagers.


Experience isn't something you go and get--it's a gift, and the only
requisite for receiving it is that you be open to it...Ursula Le Guin

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