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Just a note to announce recent additions to the Composition and Rhetoric
Bibliographic Database project, which can be accessed at:

First of all, with the help of Dr. Janice Lauer of Purdue University, I've
added a database of 1,311 essays/articles from 71 edited collections that
Dr. Lauer culled from her own library. Shortly after I began this project,
Dr. Lauer contacted me about her desire for a database of edited
collections, which to her knowledge were not catalogued by any library or
electronic search service.

This request was motivated by her concern that scholars in our field were
losing ready access to these collections, which represent some of our most
important contributions to rhetorical scholarship. This initial database
represents only the first installment of essays from Dr. Lauer's collection
of edited works, and next year, we hope to add an additional 90 or so books
to the database, which will then be split into two files by decade of

Additionally, I have added a database of articles from _Research in the
Teaching of English_ from 1980 to the present. This database does not
include book reviews or the "Annotated Bibliographies," though they do
include "Viewpoints." As with CCCs, I plan to include in the distant future
a separate database of articles extending back to the beginning of
publication in order to support historical scholarship of the journal.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about these most recent
additions, please let me know.

-- Lee

Lee Honeycutt ([log in to unmask])
Doctoral Candidate in Communication & Rhetoric
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York 12180-3590