At the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (Toronto), we are
working on an electronic web-based bibliography database of everything
published on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance from 1700 to today (we
are collaborating on this with the Ren. Soc. of America, the Med&Ren
center in Arizona, and others). The project's name is ITER (in honour of
Paul Oskar Kristeller's own bibliography). The project has been going on
for 1.5 yrs and already it has about 80,000 entries in it and it has
indexed well over 100 complete runs of journals.

If you are interested in checking it out, go to:

At the moment we are trying to determine which journals would be most
useful to index next so as to cover the field of drama in pre-modern

Your suggestions would be welcomed!

Konrad Eisenbichler
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