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> From: Konrad Eisenbichler > everything published on the Middle Ages and
the Renaissance from 1700 to today

Do you mean everything, or everything English?

THERE is a Belgian (Flemish) journal "Jaarboek De Fonteine" (published  at
the univ. of Ghent from 1943 on) devoted to the study of the late medieval
drama and theatre of the Netherlands, mostly of the rhethoricians
(rederijkers - XV-XVI c.). Important general reviews in vol. III, V, XVIII).
Most research however has been published in general journals on literary
history. In finding drama topics (except general bibliographies) the lots of
monographs will be useful. Some examples: W.M.H. Hummelen, _Repertorium van
het rederijkersdrama 1500-ca 1620_ (1968) - an extensive description of
about 600 plays. Additions in: H. van Dijk et al.., A survey of dutch drama
before the renaissance [in:] "Dutch Crossing" (1984).  For the interludes
(tafelspel) see Mrs P. Pikhaus' _Het tafelspel bij de rederijkers_ (1988-89,
2 vols.). P.van Duyse, De rederijkkamers in Nederland, 1900;  J.J. Mak, De
rederijkers, 1944;

As for Poland (my native country) no written medieval drama is known (you
can say, it was forbidden here - by pope Innocent III: Interdum ludi
theatrales - before it was invented!); but there are later traditions of
medieval genres.  Still, some valuable research has been done here, to
mention only the late Prof. H. Lewicka's study of ter French farce. In the
international but Poland-based journal "Zagadnienia rodzajow literackich /
Problemes des genres litteraires" founded 1956, you can find a division
called _MateriaLy do SLownika rodzajOw literackich_ (Materials for a
dictionary of literary genres); in the most  issues there are dozens of
lemma's concerning drama, with bibliography; I think it is the most
extensive dictionary of genres in drama.

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