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                   INKSHED CONFERENCE XV
      Multiple Literacies: Ethics and Responsibilities
                      May 7-10, 1998

              Oak Island Inn, Western Shore
       (between Chester And Mahone Bay) Nova Scotia

As usual, this year's theme grew from discussions at last year's
conference, where the focus on reading technologies soon prompted
ethical questions.  We are, therefore, calling for proposals which
address issues of ethics and responsibility in the literacies
shifting around us.  These issues might include intellectual
property, privileged groups or discourses, authorship and anonymity
on the net, behaviour codes in electronic environments, cultural
assumptions and pedagogical responsibilities.  We are also
interested in sites of potential ethical conflict such as writing
resource centres, tutoring programmes, or classes with teaching
assistants. We invite you to consider other topics linked to the main
theme of ethics and responsibility.

The conference will avoid the "talking-head-reading-paper format" by
continuing the venerable Inkshed tradition of active participant
involvement and unconventional approaches.  We welcome poster boards
and performances, work-in-progress, case studies, collaborative
presentations, workshops, or interactive demonstrations.

All proposals should include the name, addresses, and phone numbers
of the chief proposer and any co-presenters, a title and abstract
(approximately 200 words), and a brief description of the mode of
presentation.  You should also explain how your presentation will
relate to the conference theme.  Please note that you may find
yourself being invited to collaborate with another proposer.
Remember, too, as Russ and Marcy pointed out last year, "This is not
a traditional agonistic, competitive paper call.  Your document will
not be blind-reviewed by a reader eager to find a way to turn away
two-thirds of the proposals.  The organizing committee sees its job
as including as many proposals as we can fit in."

Yes, we will continue with last year's wildly successful initiation
of built-in reading time.  In Orillia, the blocks of time to read
provided diversity and a more relaxed pace, as well as the simple
luxury of hours to read and mull over associated texts.  Please start
thinking now about what you'd like to bring (or send) for the reading
table -- preferably three copies of short pieces.  Entire books are
fine, too, but it's more difficult for multiple readers to share
discussion of these.

The 1998 Inkshed will be an anniversary conference, so please try to
rustle up/hunt down those long-standing members who have not been
able to attend recently.  We promise lobster.

          Deadline for proposals: November 30, 1997

Send proposals to:

Susan Drain                       Phone:  902 457 6220
Department of English             Fax:    902 457 6455
Mount Saint Vincent University    Email: [log in to unmask]
Halifax, NS
Canada B3M 2J6

Other members of the conference team:

Dr. Kenna Manos, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
            ([log in to unmask]), 902 494 8133

Jane Milton, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
            ([log in to unmask]), 902 494 8133

Russell A. Hunt            __|~_)_ __)_|~_           Aquinas Chair
St. Thomas University      )_ __)_|_)__ __)  PHONE: (506) 452-0424
Fredericton, New Brunswick   |  )____) |       FAX: (506) 450-9615
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