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For the second year, CCCC Online is providing the option of submitting
convention proposals via the web.


Since this is still considered a pilot project, online proposals are
restricted to those from three clusters: 101--Teaching of Rhetoric and
Writing, 111--Computers and Writing, and 112--Professional and Technical

The web form is designed to send you a copy of your proposal via email (so
be sure to type email addresses carefully!) and to produce a webpage
version on the fly which you can print for your records if you like. If
anything goes awry during the process, note what went wrong (including any
error messages) and write to [log in to unmask] for help. It's OK, too (if
you have the patience) to submit the proposal again (and again and again)
until you're sure it's right. The latest version will be assumed to be the
final & correctest version.

As protection against any problems, it might be advisable to compose the
proposal in a word processor so you can save your own copy of the
information, then copy&paste from that document into the web form.

Online proposals are time-stamped automatically, and the same deadline
applies to them as to snailmail submissions. They must be marked May 8th
(taking into account the proposer's time zone, of course).

If anyone has questions or runs into any problems, please let me know.
Only by wrassling with problems can we make this system stable enough to
open it to everyone & I sure hope we can do so next year.


Just a reminder for those who are still in the process of developing ideas
and looking for partners, the Plotting and Scheming forum is still open
for business:


Cynthia Selfe's compelling chair's address in Chicago suggests that we
must continue the conversation and talk about specific action we can take
in addressing issues of technological access, power, and awareness.

The text Cindy shared with us prior to the convention remains on the web
along with a discussion forum for responding to her ideas. Now that
everybody's had time to recover from the event and semesters in some
places are winding down (or careening to a finish...), perhaps we could
turn our attention back to that text and to its implications for our

Cynthia Haynes has agreed to host two C-Fest meetings, one this week and
one next, to discuss in real-time those implications. The first meeting,
Thursday (5/7) at 8 p.m. EDT, will focus on global issues. The second
meeting, Wednesday (5/13) at 8 p.m. EDT, will focus on how we can act
locally to address the problems of access and equity.. More details on the
C-Fest sessions will follow.

--Eric Crump