I just realized that only a few of those who came to the Chicago
Canadian Caucus got my second call for proposals last week. Sorry.

I wanted to remind everyone that we need to have the proposal postmarked
by May 8. So far, I have had four people express interest in submitting
proposals, one of whom cannot because of the multiple submissions rule.
So there's room for a few more.

Remember, the theme that we agreed on at the caucus was "Teaching
Writing Without First-year Comp Courses". I believe the intention was to
get people talking about the Canadian context for teaching writing,
which is often through WAC/WID programs or writing centres rather than
the American model of hundreds of sections of freshman comp.

If you want to be part of the Canadian Roundtable in Atlanta, please
send me a 200-word abstract asap. I had hoped there would be time to
circulate the abstracts to Graham Smart (Purdue) and Guy Allen (U.of
T.), but unless I receive them soon, you'll be dealing with a committee
of one....

Please include with your submission the following information:
institution, home address, home and office phone #, fax, and e-mail.
(All of which are required on the Cs form.)

Janice Freeman
Centre for Academic Writing
University of Winnipeg