I'm putting out feelers for someone who might be interested in teaching
a quarter course in writing for the University of Calgary's
long-distance rehab studies program at Douglas College.

Rehabilitation Studies has a Community of Learners program that features
cohorts of learners in various places in the country.  Most are adult
learners with diplomas in various aspects of community care who are
upgrading to a Bachelor's degree.  They take some courses by distance ed
and some are taught by local instructors on site.

A Vancouver cohort will be starting this January at Douglas College.
One of the courses that students will be taking is called "Reflective
Practice in Community Rehabilitation," a course that--guess
what--encourages students to reflect on the meaning of "practice" in all
its forms.  It is formally paired with a quarter course in writing,
Academic Writing 301, offered under the auspices of the U of C Effective
Writing program.  The content of the reflective practice course provides
the occasion for writing (and researching etc) in the ACWR course.  Very

So now we need someone who would like to pick up a few bucks
(approximately 2000 of them, I believe) for teaching the course this
January to April.  Instruction is concentrated into chunks of time once
a month.  There would be some flexibility in timing to suit the
instructor's other obligations.

Anyone out there interested, or know somebody who would be interested?
Judy, Rick, Janet, do you know any good part-time people who could use
some extra work?

Doug Brent
Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Program in Communications Studies
Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs
Faculty of General Studies, University of Calgary
(403) 220-5458
Fax: (403) 282-6716