One of the biggest jobs for Amanda and I was simply providing copy for
the Newsletter. Our first issue, "In the MOO" was in danger of being
totally written by us (with edited MOO transcripts) until an article
came in at the last minute. In fact, the actual editing would not have
been a problem if we'd had something to edit.

The WAC/WID issue came about because of a similar dearth of copy. I
started the thread on CASLL and then asked individuals to write short
reports about developments in their institutions. Again, the editing was
not an issue-- getting people to write was.

The post-conference issue never happened for similar reasons. We had no
copy. Then when Russ put up the web site with all the lovely coloured
pictures, we both felt that a print version would be redundant.

Your idea of a combined print/online version might work-- those of us
content to receive it online would do so and the print version could go
to libraries and individuals without web access. BTW, the cost of the
print version never became an issue for us. The Centre for Academic
Writing here at U. of Winnipeg paid printing and mailing costs for one
issue and Stan arranged to cover the cost of the second one through U.
of M. (And Pat and Sandy did the envelope stuffing.)

So if we could just get people writing more and submitting copy, the
newsletter wouldn't be a big task for whoever volunteered to edit it. I
liked the idea of theme issues. I'd like to see a future issue on
tutoring/writing centres. We're in the middle of making big changes to
ours, and I'd sure like to know how other smallish institutions provide
support for undergraduate writers. I would certainly contribute a report
on that issue. Another theme issue that I could see being useful is
teaching online or through various other DE methods.

One thing I really enjoyed about doing the newsletter was the contact
with all the fine CASLLers who did contribute. And, of course, there was
the sense of satisifaction that comes with having the finished copy in

So I guess this means that I'm still willing to be involved in the
Newsletter in some way. Amanda and I just ran out of
time/energy/enthusiasm because of the difficulty of generating copy. I'm
encouraged to see the way this discussion has gone. I get the feeling
that people agree that there's something worth continuing.

Janice Freeman
Centre for Academic Writing
University of Winnipeg

Roger Graves wrote:
> Here are the logisitcs of what I see as the solution: we opt for a
> (perhaps) less  aestheically pleasing print edition and create one version
> that is both online and  print version. If the newsletter were produced in
> Word using web-page files, we could print copies of it as needed and post
> a version of this directly to the web: One process, two products. IF I
> survive the tenure process, I'd be willing to work on this part of
> the editor's work (I'll know by
> June). What are the other parts of the job?
> Roger Graves
> Assistant Professor
> Department of English, DePaul University