Henry says:

> At this point, however, I'd like to ask CASLLers to identify
> Canadian graduate programs in rhetoric and composition, programs
> which we at Cariboo could recommend to our graduating students
> interested in continuing in rhet/comp.
> Besides Waterloo, what are the options?  What's the state of
> programs at UBC, SFU, McGill, Carleton--anywhere else?

A year or so ago I asked CASLLers to send me information about
graduate programs in rhetoric or in other more, shall we say,
practical programs that undergraduate English majors who'd had enough
of interpreting texts might be interested in, and promised to put
whatever people sent me up on a Web site.  I got information about
programs at the following places (this is pasted in from the Web
page, which is at ):

    Laurentian University (Sudbury, Ontario)
    Waterloo University (Waterloo, Ontario)
    DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois)
    Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia)
    The University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta)
    Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario)
    Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania)
    Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)

I'm happy to continue maintaining and updating that site, if people
will send me information about programs -- those or others I didn't
hear from originally.

(I don't want to interrupt Tania's request, though, so send it to me
off line and I'll report an update of the site when it happens.  We
now return you to your regularly scheduled query.)

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