Hi Phillipa,

I can't provide any information for all of the issues here--but I could
suggest that they look into the University of Ottawa's on-line grammar lab.
It has an ESL orientation. It is also one of the best grammar labs that I
found when I went looking into various OWLs for a course I was designing.
It was the only lab that I found that had some interactive aspects to it.

Have they done a search of OWLs to find out what is available?  Tell them to
start at Purdue's site as it connects to most of the others.

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Date: February 2, 1999 7:17 AM
Subject: Request for Info about online ESL

>I hope you don't mind me forwarding the messages below--the second one
>is a request from DETAC (Distance Education Technology and Consulting)
>for on-line ESL courses/resources.  Does anyone have info they don't
>mind sharing with DETAC (maybe someone has just the course they want to
>purchase? or maybe DETAC would be willing to pay someone to develop such
>a course? or maybe you know of a university or educationla establishment
>that might be worth contacting?).