Dear CASLLrs --

Yes, the question of how the Inkshed newsletter will be produced is
still alive. Mary Kooy and I are just putting together the next issue,
building on the work of Russ Hunt and Roger Graves in editing some
listserv discussions. It will announce the Inkshed 16 program and
cover some angles on Canadian teaching and practice of literacy, with
material from students as well as instructors. Mary and I are
also expecting to put together a post-conference issue from all
the interesting things that get said in Quebec. Then Joanne Andre
and others from Calgary have expressed interest in taking on some
issues next year -- many thanks!

So the suggestion (nearly an offer) from Henry Hubert and Rhonda
Schiller, from their respective B.C. locations, to involve their
classes in putting together one issue next year is also very welcome.
I think it is probably wise, however, not to depend on that method for
keeping issues coming out regularly.

Any other suggestions or offers for future management of the newsletter?
(By the way, contributions of articles/polemics/creative expressions
are always welcome! If you have some ready to be published, please
forward them to me at the address below for use in the Spring issue.)



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