First of all a correction. In my original message I confused Web Board and
Web  Review.

Web Board is our discussion software which we like and Web Review is the
annotation software that we don't like.

As to ownership and cost issues--very interesting.

I was paid a flat fee to produce the course -- and as I understand it, I own
the content of the course (at least it is copyrighted to me) although it is
the university's course.  I have a feeling though that the issue is up in
the air right now.  I know of at least one instructor here who spend a lot
of university resources (far more than I did) to produce his on-line course
and then commercialized it (and he's making a mint with it).  I know the
powers-that-be are really steamed about this.  I suspect the issue might hit
the courts.

My solution to the problem of ownership and quality control has been to make
the course complex and interactive.  It has to be run by people or it
doesn't work at all.  right from the beginning I did not want the course to
be susceptible to "canning" ie run by mechanistic means or run by TA's
without supervision.

I gather too that I will also be receiving partial credit for the course
everytime it runs.  And I shall be keeping track of and collecting that
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