I'm starting to collect information, articles, reviews, announcements
etc. for the Spring Newsletter of the Medieval and Renaissance Drama
Society.  I'd like to have it come out somewhat earlier this year so
we have time to look it over a little before the conference at

If you have material you would like to submit for the newsletter,
please send it to:

Jesse Hurlbut
[log in to unmask]

Dept. of French and Italian
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602

tel: 801-378-2448
fax: 801-378-6208

Meanwhile, I have sent an updated list of members to the publishers
of Research Opportunities in Renaissance Drama.  The 1999 issue has
been sent out.  If you are a member of MRDS and you do not receive
your issue of RORD in the next few weeks, please contact me and I'll
straighten things out.  If you have received a copy of RORD, but
you suddenly realize that you have allowed your MRDS membership
status to lapse (and you have not otherwise sent a subscription to
RORD), we would appreciate receiving your dues (General: $12/year;
Students/Retired: $10/year).


MRDS Secretary/Treasurer