Janice and all:

The fact that _only_ Cathy has raised her hand to say that she has
anything to say on the on-line course issue confirms for me that this
group is not ready to present papers on the topic. The fact that, as
Janice notes, "many of us are doing the online work, ready or not" and
many for the first time in 1999-2000 from what I can gather, does not
encourage me further.

I guess the resolution to the issue depends on what you think the forum
is for.  If it is to be a pooling of limited experience to talk to each
other, then we might as well take this topic, either that or "the
efficacy of advanced neurotransmitters in imagining [note the use of the
conference theme!] multicultural/multilinguistic ornithography."

If, however, the goal is to share with the wider (ie. international)
writing community something about which we are uniquely knowledgeable,
then I'd say we should wait another year before launching this topic, so
that we can speak from a perspective of experience.  Let's get more than
one or two with experience behind them before we go proposing the topic.

If I'm the only naysayer, I'll shut up, but I haven't noticed much on
the list since Cathy raised her hand to say she for one could/might be
interested in saying something on the topic. Is this the silence of
complacency? end of term? ignorance? acquiescence?  How, in short, am I
to read my colleagues' (doubtless pointed, maybe even guilty) silences?
Oh for Tania's ethnography so that we'd know how to construct the
inter-e-textual gaps!

Boy, can you tell that classes ended here on Friday?  Anyway, the worst
part about being a naysayer is that I don't have an alternative
proposal. Did one emerge at the SIG in Atlanta, Anthony?

Rob Irish