Just a note to correct any misconceptions re: _Textual
Studies in Canada_.  Russ, who is on TSC's editorial
board, noted that the journal has had difficulty in
attracting articles, hence the recent delay in publication
of issues 10/11 and 12.  Actually, we continue to receive
many more articles than we print: on average, TSC rejects
(or asks for significant revisions of) apprx. 70% of the
unsolicited manuscripts we receive; most solicited manuscripts
also tend to receive extensive feedback, with the majority
requiring some revision before publication.

That said, Russ is right: publication delays are giving our
readers the wrong impression. We had to reprint issue 10/11
(which delayed things for 8 months) when the visual images
did not meet the standards of our visual arts editors. In
addition, we are getting used to a new president here at
UCC, one who requires detailed business plans, etc., before
releasing our institutional publishing grant--thus further
in-house delays.

The good news is that we are beginning a new publishing
initiative. Starting next year, instead of the two issues
per year we've been publishing, we'll publish an annual
TSC issue and a monograph. Henry Hubert and I have designed
a new course in scholarly editing, and we'll be using the
journal as a way of introducing senior-level students
to copyediting, manuscript editing, and reviewing. James Hoffman and
Katherine Sutherland are the editors for the monograph series--and they are
very interested in receiving proposals for individually- or
collaboratively-written monographs.

We hope you'll continue to read, support, and contribute to
the journal.  I'd like to think that TSC has a role to play
in supporting the sort of teaching, researching, and writing
that interests fellow Inshedders.

Regards,  Will
> Both considerations make a refereed journal a profoundly difficult
> undertaking, both in terms of funding and in terms of producing
> refereeable articles (look at the trouble _TSC_ -- which just
> arrived, by the way) has generating enough articles to fill an
> annual.  That's not because we have nothing to say, but because we
> really don't have -- and don't, I'd suggest, really want -- a
> discipline supporting us.
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