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tstgsa-l: TGSA's Email List
This is an email listserv for all current graduate students at the Toronto School of Theology.
It is managed by the TGSA Board and is used to distribute information about TGSA events,
announcements, and advocacy updates. All TGSA students are highly encouraged to
subscribe to make sure they stay up-to-date with TGSA news.
ttc-vip-l: TTC-VIP Metropass information
TTC VIP Metropass sales information
uaig-l: Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Group
Mailing list for the Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence
Group. Visit for more
U of T Engineering Toastmasters
Anyone who'll like to receive weekly highlights from UTET and
updates on meeting times should join this list.
University of Toronto Peer Tutoring
University of Toronto Peer Tutoring

World Indigenous Teaching & Learning Centre Circle (WITLCC)
252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 1V6 .
Phone: 646-238-3531


Advisory/Executive Board
A. Phillips (Director, Vice-President)
G. Medeubekova (Director)
Carolyn King (Director, Vice-Chancellor)
J. Kodapully (Director, Editor)
D. J. Bazile (Editor)
MC Lois Provost (Chancellor, Focal Point, Founding Head)
MC Lois Provost (Managing Editor)

World Indigenous Teaching & Learning Centre Circle (WITLCC) was founded
at Ontario Institute for Studies of Education at University of Toronto in 2006
as field development work in the doctoral research of M.C.Lois Provost. The
organization was earlier the Indigenous Teaching & Learning Circle
(ITLC, 2010-2015) and Indigenous Discussion Group (2006-2010) with
support from then-Dean Dr. J. Gaskell (OISE) and then-Chair Dr. G. Dei
(Sociology & Equity Studies). Dr. E.M.Antone (Emerita) invited
the organization to include Native Literacy and Language in our online
reports as Provost was then an assistant in Dr. Antone's research (2007
to 2014). In 2015, the work received the support of Dr. A. Miles and
Dr. G. Jones then Acting Dean. In 2019 we welcomed Jinan Kodapully,
author of Education for Authenticity and Cultural Rootedness to
our Editorial Board. WITLCC conducts its practice primarily via
the internet as is customary
in our era. Our focus continues to be family healing through the
native language learning and preservation, music, arts, play and games.
We operate in respect of ancestral Indigenous and Mestizaje
Principles, Protocols, Perspectives and Cultural Contexts as they
occur in Matriarchy and the Giving Principle. This resembles
and supports the work of Heide Gottner-Abendroth and Genevieve
Vaughan, respectively, and the leadership of George Dei and
Angela Miles.

Recreated: 2016 Apr 28

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